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Product Technical Statements - for manufacturers, importers and suppliers

The Building Act obliges manufacturers, importers and suppliers of products who make claims of complying with the Building Code to be able to substantiate those claims. Use a Product Technical Statement to support how your product is intended to be used, and to support claims about your product complying with the Building Code.

A clear, robust Product Technical Statement gives designers and Building Consent Authorities confidence in your product.    Contact us for more infomation.

Product Certificates (Codemark) - for manufacturers, importers and suppliers

The gold standard for product technical statements, a Product Certificate is a statutory certification that your product complies with the Building Code. Clarity about the requirements of the Building Code, and how your product meets those requirements, is critical to your application for a product certificate.

We can work with you to scope your application effectively and prepare your supporting documentation for the consideration of your Product Certification Body (PCB).
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Sector-developed Acceptable Solutions - for Industry Organisations and Corporate Portfolio Owners

Streamline the design and consenting costs for your industry by developing a specific design solution for your needs across your portfolio of buildings, and have your document referenced as an Acceptable Solution.
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MultiProof Approvals - for Volume Builders

A MultiProof is a statement by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment that a specific set of building plans and specifications complies with the New Zealand Building Code. Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) must accept a MultiProof as evidence of Building Code compliance.

We can work with you and MBIE to scope your application to maximise the benefits of your MultiProof approval.
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